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We provide classes for professional mariner deck credentials AKA Merchant
Mariner Credential (MMC) deck endorsements.

The school is open seven-days a week for the convenience of the mariners that we

Class Menu (Printable Menu with prices >>)

Captain's Classes
  • OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel) AKA 6-pack, is for
    carrying six (6) or fewer passengers not counting the operator or crew.
  • Master and Mate 25, 50, 100, and 200 tons is for carrying more than six (6)
    passengers; and for captains working on crew, supply, and other types of work
    boats, including cargo and oil spill recovery vessels.
  • 500 / 1600 ton License Prep for mariners preparing to take exams at a USCG
    Regional Exam Center (REC).

Captain Upgrade Classes (More about upgrade classes >>)
  • Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 ton
  • Upgrade Master 100 to 200 ton
  • OUPV Inland to Near Coastal
  • Master Inland to Near Coastal
  • Master Near Coastal to Ocean (Celestial Navigation 200 tons)

Radar Classes (More about radar classes >>)
  • Radar Observer Unlimited
  • ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids)
  • Radar Recertification (renewal)

Adding an Endorsement (More about endorsement classes >>)

Deck Rating Class
  • Able Seaman classes are for professional crew on seagoing vessels.

Renewal Classes

Professional Credentials

Professional credentials for mariners are issued by the US Coast Guard as
Merchant Mariner Credential Endorsements. With some exceptions, crew working
on seagoing vessels greater than 100 GRT; and anyone who operates a vessel of
any size carrying cargo or passengers for hire must hold a valid USCG issued
MMC endorsement appropriate for the vessel and route they are on and the
position they hold.

How to get your Professional Credentials

  1. From the Main Menu research the different MMC endorsements to determine
    the endorsement that you need and the professional requirements for that
  2. Go to the Application Help page to learn about the MMC application process
    and download the Coast Guard forms; complete the application process and
    deliver the application package to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center (REC).
  3. Give Pat a call at (503) 841-6066 to schedule the class you need.

If you need assistance at any point along the way please feel free to email or call
us, we are here to help.
ColPac Maritime
Columbia Pacific Maritime INC
10580 SE Washington Street - Portland, OR 97216

We are located just east of the 205 Mall off Interstate 205 on SE
Washington Street.

Phone: (503) 841-6066


Please call or email any questions, we are here to help.
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