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Morticia Addams stated that normal is an
illusion; giving the example that what is
normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

On the first day of a professional mariner
class you will feel like the fly. My job, as the
instructor, is to relate the information to you
in a manner so that you see it as the spider;
and I am very good at my job.

Dennis A. Degner, Director & Instructor
Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
Dennis A. Degner (c) 2016
Welcome to my site about professional mariner credentials!
    This site contains the information on who needs professional mariner
    credentials (AKA Merchant Mariner Credential or MMC), and how to
    get professional credentials for:
  • Fishing guides and charter boat captains
  • Tugboats and towing vessels
  • Commercial fishing industry vessels
  • Work, supply, and crew boats less than 200 GRT (500 GT).

The Professional Captain License
    Professional captain licenses are issued by the US Coast Guard as
    Merchant Mariner Credential National Deck Officer Endorsements.
    Anyone who operates a vessel of any size that carries cargo or
    passengers for hire must have a USCG issued captain license. A
    passenger is anyone on the vessel that is not the operator or a
    member of the crew; A passenger for hire is any passenger that
    contributed anything of value as a condition for riding on the vessel.
    There are several Captain Licenses issued by the USCG, each has a
    different authority.

    Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (AKA 6-pack or
    OUPV license) is the smallest captain license issued by the Coast
    Guard. This license authorizes the authority to serve as captain on
    small uninspected passenger vessels carrying six or fewer
    passengers, not counting the operator or crew. This is the most
    common license held by fishing guides, and small charter boat

    Master 25 to 200 ton license authorizes the authority serve as
    captain on inspected passenger vessels carrying more than six
    passengers, and to operate ferries, cargo and supply vessels, crew
    boats, research vessels, and other types of work boats.

    Master of Towing Vessels has the authority to serve as captain on
    tugboats and towing vessels.

    Master of Fishing Industry Vessels has the authority to serve as
    captain on fishing industry vessels.

Professional Deck Crew Endorsements
    In addition to issuing professional captain licenses, the USCG also
    issues endorsements for the deck crew working on commercial
    seagoing vessels. These endorsements include Ordinary Seaman
    (OS), which is an entry level endorsement; and Able Seaman (AB)
    which is a journeyman's endorsement.

How to get a professional Merchant Mariner Endorsement (MMC)
    It should be noted that this quest is not for the faint of heart; it is a
    quest that requires stamina and perseverance. Here is an outline of
    the quest to get a professional credentials. If you need assistance at
    any point along the way please feel free to contact us, we are here to

First Step: Professional Requirements
    Research the pages listed under "Professional Requirements" in the
    Sidebar Menu to determine the credential you need and the
    professional requirements, or qualifying sea service experience for
    that credential.

Second Step: Complete US Coast Guard Application Package
    The application package is a collection of Coast Guard forms an
    includes documenting your qualifying experience, enrolling in the
    TWIC program, and getting a Merchant Mariner physical and
    USCG/DOT Drug Screening. Select the "Application" option from the
    menu at the top of the page for help with the application process.

Third Step: Demonstrate Professional Knowledge and Skills
    Select the course you need from our approved course list. All the
    courses we provide are USCG approved for meeting the professional
    examination requirements for the indicated license; meaning that
    after completing our course no additional exams are required at the
    Coast Guard.
ColPac Maritime