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    CPM Celestial Navigation (200-ton) Course

    Celestial Navigation (200-ton) /10-days / $1,200

This USCG approved course will satisfy the celestial navigation exam
requirements for adding an "All Oceans" endorsement to any Near
Coastal National Deck Officer endorsement of Master 200-ton or less,
Apprentice Mate (steersman) or Mate or Master of Towing, or to Mate
of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels.

Subjects include the use of universal plot sheets, the Nautical
Almanac, and Pub 229 The Sight Reduction Tables.

Mariners taking this course must:
  • Hold a valid near coastal endorsement for upgrade.
  • Meet the professional requirements for the All Ocean route.
  • Have good navigation plotting skills, and the ability to use a
    calculator to preform basic math functions.

Professional Requirements ...

There are no additional sea service requirements for adding an All
Oceans route to a Towing endorsement of Mate of Fishing Vessels.

The Master 200-ton or less Oceans route requires a total of three-
years of sea service experience that includes two-years as master or
mate while holding an endorsement as master or mate.

USCG Course Approval ...

Any applicant who has successfully completed your Celestial Navigation (200 Tons)
(COLPAC 104) course and who presents your Certificate of Training within one year of the
completion of training, will satisfy the celestial navigation examination requirements of 46
CFR 10.223(d) and 11.401(d) for adding an “Upon Oceans” endorsement to any “Near
Coastal” deck license up to Master Not More Than 200 Gross Tons; Master, Mate, Apprentice
Mate Steersman of Towing Vessels any appropriate tonnage; and Mate, Uninspected Fishing
Vessels any appropriate tonnage.
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